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(This newsletter was emailed out in September, re-sharing here in the blog)

These months are just flying by! One of the most exciting updates I wish to share is that we finally broke 40 total currently enrolled students at the school! This is a milestone and amazing considering when I first started this lease in January, I only had 11 active students at the time. Also another fun milestone, I began teaching on my own back in August 2017, so last month marked 4 years total since Immortal Tiger Kenpo Karate was founded. Reminder to our new folks, we have a lot of additional resources and information here to help you get started:

Table of Contents:

  • Recent Promotions & Next Tests

  • Reminder: Ki Gong classes start in October

  • Reminders: Birthday Parties & Saber Academy Classes

  • Reminder: Teen/Adult Sparring Class now available

  • Additional photos from the past month

Recent Promotions & Next Tests

Our August newsletter went out before the August testing, so congratulations to both the students who tested in August and those who tested this month in September as well! Your hard work is paying off! Below we have the September after promotion photo including Naveen, Adler, Neo and Eashanth who all tested for yellow. Under that is the August photo when Carla and Nia tested for yellow, and Zara tested for orange. Our next test is scheduled for Saturday, October 16th and if you are likely going to be ready to test for that date, Instructor Cat should have already mentioned this to you and have you in test prep mode. General rule of thumb if in doubt, if you have 4-5 stripes the month before the next test, you will likely be testing that next month! :)

Reminder: Ki Gong Bi-weekly Classes Starting October 4th!

As mentioned previously fellow Kenpo student Carla Ek is starting Ki Gong classes for those interested on Mondays and Thursdays at 10am. She held two great intro to ki gong seminars last month and this month, and her regular classes will kick off starting October 4th. Classes can be taken either in person or virtually. See below for more information:

Reminders - Birthday Parties & Saber Academy Classes

Don't forget that Coach Jeff has also been starting up Saber Academy classes where you can learn to master the glowing sabers like you see in the movies! (Yes we purposely aren't using the term you're thinking of to avoid trademark issues, just in case anyone was wondering). His kid and adult classes are still in pilot mode right now, but if you or your kid are interested, please reach out to Jeff for more information!

And our other friendly reminder, if your kid is interested in having a martial arts themed birthday party hosted at Immortal Tiger Kenpo Karate for the fun and games and then ending at Cupprimo for cupcakes and gift opening after, we have worked out some awesome packages and will be scheduling these on Sundays! We will take care of all the decorating, organizing the kids, etc, so you can just book and have fun!

Sparring Class for Teen/Adults in Full Swing

Don't forget that this month we kicked off the teen/adult sparring class from 8-9pm on Tuesdays! We are focusing on bag work and drills while we wait for the COVID numbers to go back down, but once it's safe again we will add back in proper sparring matches (with gear on of course) for those interested in learning to point spar for fun at the dojo or future competitions in tournaments.

Other Photos from the Past Month

With our continued new students and existing students we've been having so much fun! here's a few additional photos taken since last time we had a newsletter in early August:

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