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Student Resources

Download our app!

We have an iOS and Google Play app!

Search for "Immortal Tiger Kenpo Karate"


You probably already used our app to sign up yourself or your child for their classes, it does much more than let you pay the dojo! From the app you can: 


  • Manage your membership

  • View our curriculum

    • Click on the icon that looks like a pile of books, material is organized per belt, you can view videos and the typed up training manual curriculum per belt here.

  • Sign up for special events, seminars, etc.

  • View our full schedule of classes

  • Pay for merchandise such as t-shirts, uniforms, sparring gear, weapons, etc.

  • Get broadcast messages for any important notices 

    • This came in handy for example during the ice and snow apocalypse when we had to temporarily close and switch to Zoom during the power outages and bad roads!

  • Contact Instructor Cat easily with any questions you may have

Create an account for our student portal!

Do you need to access the training manual from a computer instead fo the website? The website is also mobile optimized so it's easy to read and watch from tablets and computers.

Visit the above link and then click on any of the belt pages. You will be asked to create an account. After that it will give you an access denied error, this is expected. Now send Ms. Cat a message either via our mobile app or by texting her directly at the dojo phone # and she will get your access added so you can view all the curriculum! 


Join our slack channel! Slack is a chat/messenger application. The dojo slack is open to all current and former students and parents and friends of the dojo. 

Facebook Group

We also have a Facebook group for Friends & Family of the school. It's a place for us to post and chat amongst each other, share good news, welcome new students, applaud achievements, etc. If you're a facebook user please join us there!

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