Programs & Curriculum

Self defense classes for all ages!

In Kenpo, there is a heavy emphasis on practical application of all techniques learned and how they apply to the real world. 

Learn How, Ask Why.

Always Practice, Then Apply.

COVID-19 Information:

We are mask optional for all classes now. 

Additional cleaning information: Mats are vacuumed and then mopped with an RTU disinfectant cleaner. Chairs, pony wall and benches are wiped down with sanitizing wipes regularly. Hand sanitizer is available in the dojo lobby via a touchless dispenser.



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In addition to open hand techniques, as you get higher in rank you will also learn weapons such as the bo staff, kamas, tonfas, Japanese sword, Chinese broadsword, etc. If you have an interest in point sparring I also teach techniques and drills. Once it is safer post COVID we will resume sparring in class as well.

Typical belt requirements will have 1-2 katas per rank, 1-4 sets, blocks, kicks, with sparring and weapons required at intermediate and higher ranks. All katas are taught as both a standalone kata and as a kata done with an attacker for all the moves, something which differentiates Kenpo katas from most other systems.

Kids do not have a modified curriculum and learn the exact same material per belt as in the teen/adult class!


Tiny Tigers also learn the same curriculum, but we add in half belts in between white, yellow and orange. Memorization at that age is much harder, and these half belts let them still progress when they hit milestones in their curriculum. We do our best to make sure our Tiny Tigers are having an extremely fun time in their classes, but still manage to sneak the same core curriculum in, just in more manageable chunks for this age group. 

For the Tiny Tigers class we also teach valuable life skills from the Kids Love Life Skills program. Life skills are covered both in class as well as with a take home component for child/parent bonding and a themed coloring page to further help kids engage in the current life skill we are covering. We cover 12 life skills, each for 2 weeks at a time, so every 6 months we make it through the complete rotation. We use the life skill drills to sneak in the Kenpo curriculum!

Reminder: Tuition goes up $5/month/person for all current and new students in 2023. This is a 3.7% increase, the consumer price index rose 9% this past year, and we are doing our best to keep our price increases minimal per year to offset all the rises in costs. 

First month only $79 (includes complimentary uniform)!


Your first class is completely free to try, no obligations. This way you can see if you like it before signing up.

After that your first month will be $79, which includes your first uniform ($40 value). For sizing, please see the Century Martial Arts size guide here


Our regular tuition is auto-debited as follows:

Kenpo Programs (head instructor Cat Gurinsky):

  • $134/month






    • Go on hold or cancel anytime as long as you tell us before the next billing date!

    • When looking at other schools, always be sure to ask what additional fees they charge!

  • Private lessons available as well, contact for rates and scheduling availability.

Family rates:

  • 2 students - $229/month (save $39/month total)

  • 3 students - $314/month (save $88/month total)

Family rates explained: first student is always full price, 2nd family member saves $39 on their base tuition, 3rd family member (and additional ones if more than 3), save $49 on their tuition.

Tiny Tigers Only: Once per Week Option = $119/month. 

Note: it is hard to progress in belts at a regular pace when only coming once a week, but we offer this option for parents with busy schedules just trying to introduce their 3.5-6 year old to the martial arts and life skills. 

Saber Academy (head instructor Jeff Gladd):

  • $89/month as a standalone program

  • $39/month as an add-on program for existing kenpo students

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Yellow Belt

  • Tie Belt

  • Bow, Position, Attention

  • Horse Stance & Kenpo Stance

  • | Beginner Punching

  • | 1-10 Count Blocking

  • | 1-10 Count Kicking

  • | Set 1

  • | Kata #1A - Lightning Ram

Orange Belt

  • | 1-18 Count Blocking

  • | 1-10 Count Side Kicking

  • | 1-12 Count Kicking

  • | Sets 2, 3, 4 & 5

  •  |  Kata #1 - Mountain Meets River

Purple Belt

  • | 1-26 Count Block & Punching

  • | Sets A, B, C & D

  • | Sets 6 & 7

  • | Kata #2 - Iron Fan

  • | Kata #3 - Eagle Flies Low

Blue Belt

  • | 1-10 Count Roundhouse Kicking

  • | Intermediate Punching

  • | Sets 8, 9

  • | Kata #4 - Ripping Tiger

  • | Kata #5 - Swift Arrow

Green Belt

  • | Set 10

  • | Advanced Punching

  • | Kata #6 - Phoenix Moves Gently

  • | Kata #7 - Thrust Spear

  • | Intermediate Kata - Cross Swords

3rd Degree Brown Belt

  • | Set 15 (Crossover Exercise)

  • | Kata #8 - Panther Kneels to Tiger

  • | Intermediate Kata - Running Tiger

  • | Bo Staff - #1 Bo Kata

2nd Degree Brown Belt

  • | Advanced Kicking

  • | Sets 11-14

  • | Kata #9 - Twin Dragons

  • | Kata #10 - Twin Swords

1st Degree Brown Belt

  • | Kata #12 - Monkey Creeps

  • | Kata #13 - Lion Stands Alone

  • | Wing Chun Kata

  • | Kamas Kata

Student Black Belt

  • | Basic Punching Self Defense

  • | Kata #14 - Fire Dragon

  • | Kata - Advancing Tiger

  • | Kata - High River One

  • | Kata - Defense Offense

1st Degree Black Belt

  • Advanced Striking

  • Kata #15 - Cobra Strikes Back

  • Kata #16 - Black Dragon

  • Kata #17 - Immortal Tiger

  • Advanced Kata - Galloping Horse

2nd Degree Black Belt

  • Bo Staff - Sakugawa Bo

  • Kata - River Dam One

  • Kata - Swift Rapids One

  • Kata - High Mountain One

  • Advanced Kata - Twisting Horse

3rd Degree Black Belt

  • Tonfa Kata

  • Kata - High River Two

  • Kata - River Dam Two

  • Kata - Swift Rapids Two

  • Kata - High Mountain Two

4th Degree Black Belt

  • Counter to Mountain Meets River

  • Advancing Tiger, Cross Swords (49er)

  • The Run, The Big Four

  • Gun and Knife Techniques