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Kids Kenpo
(Ages 7-12)



Here at Immortal Tiger Kenpo Karate we believe that "why" is as important as "how". As kids are now in grade school at these ages we help them grow the thinking skills to be successful not only in the dojo but in the classroom and at home. Each technique they learn the practical application that goes with it.


Now kids are facing more homework and distractions all around from tablets, tvs, phones, etc. We help kids learn to prioritize not just their kenpo training but their home and school priorities as well. Learning discipline helps them focus on these tasks so they can go back to having fun after. This is just one of any life skills we focus on for the non physical part of the curriculum. 


Awareness is not just a self defense skill, but a very important life skill. Awareness helps with understanding the importance of manners, respect, and so much more. We help kids learn to be both mentally and physically aware. Awareness also helps prepare kids so they can avoid potentially toxic and bad situations. Should I fight or should I walk away? Often the answer is actually the latter!



Our 7-12 year old kids program teaches self defense coupled with valuable life skills that will help set your child up for success not just in Kenpo but also in their school and home life. Kids love our martial arts curriculum since after they learn new forms they also get to practice them with attackers (either their teachers or fellow students) and this lets them learn the practical application from each form. It is one of the favorite things both kids and adults love about this style, putting it to use and seeing how it really works!

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