Tiny Tigers

(Ages 3.5-6)

Learn How, Ask Why.

Always Practice, Then Apply.



We teach life skills to kids (focus, confidence, respect, teamwork, etc) while helping them to channel their energy, learn basic self defense, and providing structure to help them thrive during these formative years. The best part of our program is that we combine the teaching of these life skills + our kenpo curriculum into a unique series of drills and exercises that are super fun for this age! It may seem like a bunch of games on the outside, but each drill/game we utilize helps to solidify both the life skill and the kenpo self defense parts being taught.  



Children at this age are especially inquisitive. Since Kenpo as an art focuses on the why in addition to the how, we love to cultivate this with even our littlest students. This goes beyond the dojo in that we teach kids how to use this skill in every day life for both school and home to help them be succcessful.


Respect is earned, and the same goes at our school. Your child will both earn respect from their peers and mentors, while learning the importance of respecting their parents, teachers and peers. Respect is just one of many core life skills we teach in addition to the physical curriculum. With respect kids learn other skills such as focus, confidence, etc.


Everyone is nervous when starting something new, but with continued training and constant help from their instructors and peers your child will gain the confidence they need to tackle anything, not just kenpo! We are used to encouraging our tiny tigers and helping them gain this confidence through patience and regular praise.