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Teen / Adults Kenpo

(Ages 13+)


Here at Immortal Tiger Kenpo Karate we believe that "why" is as important as "how". Teens need this essential skill for success in high school, college and life in general. Adults have hopefully already learned a good foundation for critical thinking and analysis but we further work to fine tune that. All techniques are taught with the practical application so everyone knows the body mechanics and reasons for why each subsequent movement is used in the defense.


We try to push our teens and adults to really develop core strength and conditioning in addition to their regular training. While this is taught in earlier age classes as well, we take it up a notch for the teen and adults. This along with balance is something we gradually build over time from white belt through black belt. By the time our students reach black belt, regardless of age, they will see a noticeable improvement in their physique and responses.

This is another skill which is worked on in the younger age classes but again pushed a little further in the teen/adult class. The basics learned gradually become your cardio workout as we add more and more sets and basic punching, blocking and kicking drills into your curriculum. Once they are ingrained in memory they become drills which build your endurance and breath control. 




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