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Birthday Parties!

Martial Arts Themed Party &
Cupcakes at Cupprimo after!

Ninja Karate Party
Ninja Star Shuriken Origami
Cupprimo Cupcakes for Birthdays
Learning Nunchucks

What is better than a birthday party at karate? A birthday party at karate that includes cupcakes next door afterwards! We are proud to announce our birthday party partnership with Cupprimo! We are finalizing the package details but tentatively all packages will start off with the following: 

Themes Options

  • Superhero

  • Karate Kid

  • Ninja Assassin

  • Warrior Princess

  • Glow Sabers

  • Samurai

Base package ($199) includes

  • 2 hour total party time (First 1.5 hours in the dojo, last 30 minutes at Cupprimo) 

  • Themed decorations at the dojo & your table at Cupprimo

  • 2 dedicated staff from the dojo and 1 dedicated staff from Cupprimo

  • Themed martial arts inspired games

  • 1 week of free kenpo classes for all children

  • A cupcake and drinks for each child (up to 8 included in base package)

  • Special cupcake for the birthday child

Add On / Upgrade Options:

  • Add-on for any package - 6" custom birthday cake - $29

  • Each additional child (up to max 20 kids) - $15/child

  • Cupprimo will allow you to order pizza that is delivered and eaten there

  • Middle Level package ($299):

    • Everything in base package

    • Drip coffee for all parents

    • Every child can break a real board to take home

  • Top Level package ($399):

    • Everything in base and middle level packages

    • We are still working on final details for this one, but *possibly* this package may include getting a bounce house we set up in front of the dojo! If not we will be adding some other equally great value add-on here. 

All parties will be scheduled on Sundays between the hours of 10am-4pm. 

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