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(re-sharing newsletter sent out in August to the blog)

It's August, which means the summer is coming to an end and school season is about to begin! We have some really exciting announcements this month so read on! Table of Contents

  • Recent Promotions & Next Tests

  • NEW PROGRAM: Lightsaber Academy

  • NEW PROGRAM: Ki Gong

  • NEW: Karate Birthday Parties & Cupcakes!

  • COVID-19 Mask Update

  • Zoom Classes Ending -> Teen/Adult Sparring + Private Lessons Starting

  • Mural Progress

Recent Promotions & Next Tests

Congratulations to all our students who tested in July! Our August test date is scheduled for this Saturday, August 14th, starting at 10am. Tiny Tigers will have their regular class. We only have 3 students testing, so Mag/Jeff will run regular kids class while I test those 3 students. We should be done with testing and promotions well before adult class starts due to the smaller test group this month.

NEW PROGRAM! Lightsaber Academy

Something Jeff Gladd, one of our adult assistant Kenpo instructors, has been working on for a while now is... our new lightsaber academy! He will be piloting this program with a few students for the next month or two, and then once the curriculum and plan is fully dialed in, we'll be opening the program to everyone else! This program will be offered in two ways: 1) Add on program at a discounted rate for existing kenpo students 2) Standalone program for those who aren't enrolled in our kenpo program Initially we will provide foam swords to practice with, but as you advance there will be a required lightsaber and protective gear purchase later in the program. Registration for the program can be done in the mobile app, but please speak with Jeff before signing up.


Ki Gong is a system of movements designed to develop the mind, body, and spirit. Exercises focus on circulatory, respiratory, and Ki-Energy systems of the body. This class does not have impact movements and is geared towards students with limited range of motion. Anyone that sits for long hours, have a healing injury or a health issue that restricts their body can benefit from this class. Improve posture, balance, concentration and relaxation with easy to follow physical exercises. Taught by Carla Ek, level 4 certified instructor of World Ki Gong. Carla is also a Kenpo karate student and a second degree black belt with WTSDA. She began training in Ki Gong as a supplement to her karate training and continues teaching to benefit others in their journey with health and healing. The program will officially start on October 4th. Classes will meet every Monday and Thursday's 10-11am. Prior to the official class launch, we will have 2 x introduction to Ki Gong events on Saturday, August 28th and Saturday, September 11th from 12pm-1pm for those interested in trying it out. Registration for the program or drop in classes / the intro events will be available in the Immortal Tiger Kenpo Karate mobile app.

Birthday Parties!! (and cupcakes!)

What is better than a birthday party at karate? A birthday party at karate that includes cupcakes next door afterwards! We are proud to announce our birthday party partnership with Cupprimo! We are finalizing the package details but tentatively all packages will start off with the following: Three Themes Options:

  • Superhero

  • Ninja Assassin

  • Warrior Princess

Base package includes:

  • 2 hour total party time (First 1.5 hours in the dojo, last 30 minutes at Cupprimo)

  • Themed decorations at the dojo & your table at Cupprimo

  • 2 dedicated staff from the dojo and 1 dedicated staff from Cupprimo

  • Themed martial arts inspired games

  • Birthday child gets to break a real board (and take it home!)

  • A cupcake for each child (up to 8 included in base package price)

  • Special Cupcake for the birthday child

  • Drinks for all kids

  • Birthday child gets a free uniform (if they are already a student, then they will get a $40 credit towards anything in our retail pro shop)

  • 1 week of free kenpo classes for all children

We are still finalizing our add-on's but most likely the upgrades will be

  • Add-on for any package - 6" custom birthday cake

  • Add-on pricing for additional children (up to maximum 20 total)

  • Middle/Top Level package will include all of the above plus:

    • Drip coffee for all parents

    • EVERY child can break a board to take home

  • Top Level package:

    • We are still working on final details, but *possibly* this package may include getting a bounce house we set up in front of the dojo!

COVID-19 Mask Update

Masks: We have reverted back to a policy of masks required for ALL classes due to the recent surge in cases and Williamson county health department putting the county back to RED phase / Travis County back to Stage 5. It is far better to be safe than sorry in this case, so regardless of vaccination status please continue wearing your mask if you enter the dojo. Thank you for your continued understanding and support in this matter. As a thanks for being awesome gesture, I made a free mask for all students this past month. If you haven't received one yet, expect to see it in the next week or two.

Goodbye Zoom - Hello New Classes

Our group Zoom classes are no longer as full as they were earlier in the pandemic, so 8-9pm on Tuesday and Thursday has been reclaimed. For now we are going to do 8-9pm teen/adult sparring after adult class on Tuesdays, and Thursdays 8-9pm will be used for private lessons (in person or Zoom as needed). Sparring classes will not require sparring gear if you only plan to do bag work and drills. Once you are ready to begin actually sparring with other students though we will require full sparring gear. Packages and sample gear is at the dojo and will be ordered on request for your exact sizes. We will probably not start doing contact sparring requiring gear until the Delta variant is a little more under control to be safe, so expect just sparring drills for the first month or so.

Mural Progress

Arthur finished the outlining on the back mural! It looks AWESOME. Be sure to to give them a high five for a job well done next time you see them.

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