Meditation Series

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Power of Focus - Meditation Series


  • Facilitated by a certified trainer.

  • Group class on Wednesdays: April 20th- June 22nd

  • Time 7:00pm - 8:00pm

  • Access the curriculum, teachings, recordings and internal training

    • (A new weekly practice every week that participants practice daily at home)


To register: Connect with Preetam Alluri

617-599-8912 or

Course Cost: $348.00 (inclusive of training materials for the duration of the series and group class)


Power of Focus - What to Expect


The trained mind is your biggest ally in personal mastery. Transform your mind, transform your life. The mind is vast and can be a powerful tool if we understand how it works. With training and practice, we gain deeper awareness. We learn to focus our mind and skillfully navigate and access our highest potential.


  • How your thoughts and beliefs become the outcomes you know in your life

  • What is possible when you think the mind and don't let the mind think you

  • Why the mind is a critical piece to mastery of oneself


  • How to become aware of what the mind is thinking and focus it in a way that will eliminate pain, anxiety, and overwhelm

  • What to do when the mind is thinking thoughts that will never translate to a fulfilling and successful life

  • How to leverage the mind to create any outcome you want


  • New levels of peace, serenity, and inspiration

  • What is possible to create in life when you are aware and directing the thoughts your mind thinks

  • How to leverage your thoughts to create a better relationship, more money, or a fulfilling career