Rotating Curriculum

The traditional way that martial arts curriculum has been taught was everything in a precise order. Material A for yellow belt, B for orange belt, C for purple belt, etc. This works fine in large schools with multiple instructors when you can break everyone out into groups per level, but gets hard with a single instructor school like ours at its current growth stage. This is where rotating curriculum comes into play! 

Some things we will need to learn in order (like basics) because they will be our foundations for katas and such, but imagine the kata's are now like going to college. During college each major has a set list of classes you must take, in any order except for pre-requisites, before you can graduate. 

In our school, this is how rotating curriculum works! Your basics are the prerequisites that must still be learned in order, but now your kata's (forms) per level will be learned in the order you join during a given rotation. Our rotations are broken up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In order to get through the beginner level, you will have to complete the entire rotation, and per belt you only have to complete a percentage of the total forms per belt + that belts new basics.

NOTE: All our tests are cumulative, you WILL preform everything from prior tests on each test.  

 Beginner Level Rotation 

Beginner ranks are white, yellow, and orange. A student has graduated from the beginner level upon achieving purple belt, signifying they have learned all techniques in this level. 

Beginner Katas: 

  • #1A - Lightning Ram

  • #1 - Mountain Meets River

  • #2 - Iron Fan

  • #3 - Eagle Flies Low

Yellow Belt: 

  • 1 of 4 Beginner Kata

  • 1-10 Count Blocking

  • 1-10 Front & Back Kicking

  • Beginner Punching

  • Set 1

Orange Belt: 

  • 2 of 4 Beginner Kata

  • 1-18 Count Blocking

  • 1-12 Kicking

  • 1-10 Count Side Kicking

  • Sets 2-5

Purple Belt: 

  • All 4 Beginner Kata

  • Sets A,B,C,D

  • Sets 6 & 7

Intermediate Level Rotation

Intermediate ranks are purple, blue, and green. A student has graduated from the intermediate level upon achieving 3rd degree brown belt. 

Intermediate Katas:

  • #4 Ripping Tiger    

  • #5 Swift Arrow

  • #6 Phoenix Moves Gently    

  • #7 Thrust Spear    Running Tiger 

  • #8 Panther Kneels to Tiger

  • Cross Swords

  • Running Tiger    

  • Wing Chun    

  • Bo Kata

Blue Belt:

  • 3 of 9 Intermediate Kata

  • Intermediate Punching

  • Sets 8 & 9

Green Belt: 

  • 6 of 9 Intermediate Kata

  • Advanced Punching

  • Set 10

3rd Degree Brown Belt:

  • All 9 Intermediate Kata

  • Set 15

Advanced Level Rotation

Advanced ranks are 3rd degree brown belt, 2nd degree brown belt, and 1st degree brown belt. A student has graduated from the advanced level upon testing and receiving their student black belt. Brown belts are also encouraged to begin helping out in at least one class once a week as we believe "to teach is to learn twice." 

Advanced Katas: 

  • #9 - Twin Dragons

  • #10 - Twin Swords

  • #12 - Monkey Creeps

  • #13 - Lion Stands Alone

  • #14 - Fire Dragon

  • Advanced Striking

  • Advancing Tiger

  • Defense Offense

  • Kamas Kata

2nd Degree Brown Belt: 

  • 3 of 9 Advanced Kata

  • Sets 11-14

1st Degree Brown Belt: 

  • 6 of 9 Advanced Kata

  • Advanced Kicking

Student Black Belt:

  • All 9 Advanced Kata

  • Basic Punching Self Defense

Black Belt

This is where rotations stop and we go back to a more traditional approach of specific curriculum at each higher level of black belt. These belts also have a specified minimum wait time between ranks, 1 year wait before 1st degree test, 2 years for 2nd, 3 years for 3rd, 4 years for 4th.

1st Degree Black Belt: 

  • #15 - Cobra Strikes Back

  • #16 - Black Dragon

  • #17 - Immortal Tiger

  • Galloping Horse

2nd Degree Black Belt: 

  • High River One

  • River Dam One

  • Swift Rapids One

  • High Mountain One

  • Twisting Horse

3rd Degree Black Belt:

  • High River Two

  • River Dam Two

  • Swift Rapids Two

  • High Mountain Two

  • Sakugawa Bo

4th Degree Black Belt:

  • Advancing Tiger Cross Swords

  • The Counter to Mountain Meets River

  • The Run, The Big Four

  • Gun & Knife Techniques

  • Eagle Spreads Its Wings


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