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Ki Gong



Ki Gong is a system of movements designed to develop the mind, body, and spirit. Exercises focus on circulatory, respiratory, and Ki-Energy systems of the body. This class does not have impact movements and is geared towards students with limited range of motion. Anyone that sits for long hours, have a healing injury or a health issue that restricts their body can benefit from this class. Improve posture, balance, concentration and relaxation with easy to follow physical exercises.

Taught by Carla Ek, level 5 (blue shirt) certified instructor of World Ki Gong. Carla is also a Kenpo karate student and a second degree black belt with WTSDA. She began training in Ki Gong as a supplement to her karate training and continues teaching to benefit others in their journey with health and healing.

Class meets every Monday and Thursday's 10-11am. 

Wear comfortable clothing. Zoom access available. Class can be done seated with minimal modification. Most students feel positive improvement within two weeks.

For more information please contact Carla Ek
Mindful Movements of Ki Gong
Phone: (512) 797-6580
Follow @ Facebook: MMKIGONG
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